At Move Physiotherapy we can assess and treat a wide range of injuries and ailments – whether they are sporting, work or accident related or just general aches and pains.
Our aim is to help you get moving again – helping with rehabilitation, regular treatment, preventing further injury and increasing mobility.

middle back and lower back pain    hip labral tears muscle imbalance 
osteoarthritic joints   sprained ankles and feet  headaches 
neck pain    knee pain  osteoporosis 
joint replacements   knee meniscus tears  breathing problems 
postural problems   teenagers growing pains  flat feet 
golfers elbow   shingles  muscle strains 
stress management   haematomas/heavy bruising  tennis elbow 

We can also create a Personalised Target Plan for you that is tailored to your goals and needs:
- getting fit
- pre-season conditioning including skiing and snowboarding, football, rugby, wind-surfing, tennis and golf
- pre-surgery preparation (prehabilitation) and post-surgery rehabilitation
- running programs and sport biomechanics improvement
lower back pain?
knee pain?
sore achilles?
sciatica pain?
planning surgery?
want peak fitness?
Ask how we can help.