Neck and Back Pain

Neck pain and lower and middle back pain are common complaints.
I am a specialist in treating neck pain and back pain - whether it be an injury or ailment
  • nearly 20 years experience as a physiotherapist

  • post graduate qualifications in spinal manipulative therapy

  • have worked at the internationally renowned Wellington Hospital in London, specialising in post-operative care of patients with spinal surgery

Thorough Assessment
In our private treatment room, I will conduct a complete assessment of your condition - this takes between 45 to 60 minutes and includes discussing any past occurrences and a thorough examination. We'll discuss the likely cause of your pain and assess areas such as your posture, range of motion and biomechanics.

Based on this assessment I will explain my diagnosis in a way that is easy to understand and create your Personalised Treatment Plan.

Treating neck pain and back pain?
My aim is to assist with relieving pain, releasing muscle tension and promoting healing.
I use a combination of soft tissue therapy, spinal manipulative techniques and western acupuncture.
I have a Post Graduate Diploma of Health Science in Manipulative Physiotherapy and a Master of Health Practice in Western Acupuncture (Hons).