About Us

MHealthprac (Acup), PgDip (Manip Phys), BHSc (Physio)
As a senior physiotherapist, I have over twenty years experience treating people with a wide variety of injuries and movement impairments.

Having worked in specialist clinics both in New Zealand and in London I’ve treated people from all walks of life, including top athletes.

Using manual soft tissue therapy and western acupuncture technique, I have extensive experience in the treatment of neck pain, middle and lower back pain, knee and ankle sprains and soft tissue muscle and tendon strains.

I also have experience in post-surgical rehabilitation. In London, I worked at the internationally renowned Wellington Hospital specialising in post-operative care of patients with spinal surgery and ACL knee reconstruction.

I am dedicated to helping my patients achieve their goals of optimum health. Not only do I treat injuries but I can also support the prevention of injuries, by providing my patients with personalised programmes to help achieve their goals - whether they are improved fitness or mobility, sports-conditioning or speedy recovery from surgery.

Throughout my life I have played a variety of sports from football, tennis, and basketball. As a keen runner I regularly participate in the Run Auckland 10km Series and have completed numerous half marathons in the past few years. I am also an avid New Zealand Breakers basketball fan with season tickets since 2007.

I graduated from the Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy (1995) and also have a Post Graduate Diploma of Health Science in Manipulative Physiotherapy and a Master of Health Practice in Western Acupuncture (Hons).

I am a Member of Physiotherapy New Zealand and a registered member of The Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand.